Lafayette's 1781 Stolen Watch

Captain Cook's 1777  Regulator and Tent

French Pocket   Watch c.1780

Betsy Ross Makes a Flag (with tall clock behind)

Major Andre's Capture Because of Gold Watch

Washington's Pocket Watch c.1775

George Graham Watch in 1779 Case

Queen with George III Clock

1771 Mudge Chronometer

1778 Astronomical Table Clock

Thomas Harper Bracket Clock c.1775

Philadephia Indepen-dence Hall Clock


2019 Bestseller by Pulitzer Prize Winner Rick Atkinson

This fine new heavily-researched book has a large number of references to specific times of events during the first years of the American Revolution.    For example, in describing the pivotal late-December battle of Trenton, the author wrote on page 521 "At four a.m. a command sounded through the ranks -- "Shoulder your firelocks!" -- and the regiment surged forward."  On that same page, reporting what may be the first instance of military time synchronization, he stated "At Birmingham crossroads, four miles above Trenton, the column stopped briefly.  Washington pulled out his timepiece and gave orders that "every officer's watch should be set by his," a Continental captain noted," and the moment of attack was fixed."